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The First Planner in the World Fully Customizable

Our Products


All MYTODO products can be customized:

- Cover (material and coloring)

- Matching bookmark (quantity and color)

- Elastic (presence or not and coloring)

- Internal expandable pocket on side B (presence or not)

- Planner background (dots, lines, squares, blank)

- Language of the planner (En and It on selected products)

- Planner start and end date


All our Agendas and our Notebooks are in A5 size (21x14.8 - 5.8 "x8.3"), internal expandable pocket on side B, hard cover with squared corners, Acid Free Paper 120 g / m² -81 lb - ivory color, 220 numbered pages, total opening to 180°, FSC paper from protected forests, planner bound by hand and made on the spot in Italy to limit the impact on the environment

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Our Materials


The Soft Touch covering makes our covers soft and smooth to the touch. Thanks to its plasticized composition it is very easy to clean with a damp cloth, as well as allowing perfect adherence with all sorts of stickers that can be repositioned without leaving traces or tears, but we still recommend a more delicate usage than the other variants of coating. Our colors are: Rosè, Yellow, Green and Taupe.


This Faux leather crocodile effect which goes from a dense to a medium mesh, transmits an allure of class and elegance. Whit 2 colors to choose for hers and for his. This will not make you go unnoticed, and will accompany you over time due to its good material resistance. Our colors are: Red and Blue.


The Regenerated leather covering with 85 % genuine leather fibers is designed for all those people who love leather but still care for the well-being of the planet and focus on a Recycled products. Thanks to its unisex and timeless colors, it can be combined with any occasion or profession, confirming unrivaled durability over time. Our colors are: Caramel and Black

White Background_edited_edited.jpg
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What Makes Us Different


Organising your professional and private life with your own instinctive method brings success. Mytodo planners are made one at a time, to your personal specifications both inside and outside.  With Mytodo Planner can create the agenda which is most suited to you. The Mytodo Graphics Editor is the only one in the world that allows you to personalize each and every single page of your planner, and to customize it with what is important to you.

Every Mytodo agenda is printed uniquely for every single person. The pages are then hand bound into a book by our craftsmen using high quality materials.


Start customizing by choosing the accessories you prefer for your planner:

- Select the book cover

- The inside pages can be lined, dotted, with square grids or blank.

- External customization of bookmark color, elastic color and accordion back pocket for notes.

Extra choices: month of beginning and end of the planner (valid on all the planners except Notebook and Creative). Language in Italian or English (valid only on some planners)

Now you can decide to proceed with the purchase of your planner or continue to personalize it even more with the Mytodo Graphics Editor where you can:

- Apply, move, paste, copy, rotate and reflect any elements

- Insert text, shapes, images, grids, and fonts

- Manage colors, border thicknesses, resize fonts and apply levels

- The pages you most frequently use can be copied and placed anywhere.

How To Customize
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By consulting our categories you can choose from a wide range of Planners and Notebooks and decide which one best suits you, your needs and passions.

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By consulting our categories you can choose from a wide range of Planners and Notebooks and decide which one best suits you, your needs and passions.

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