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serena sarrituz, @serena sarrituz x Mytodo Planner


Serena Sarritzu, born in 1987, from Cagliari. I am a designer who deals with illustrations and digital graphics. After having been the owner of a graphic design business for 6 years aimed at customizing sports and promotional items, I decided to focus on drawing, attending a School of Comics. Since 2016 I have been sharing in my instagram account @serenasarritzu, my Comic Journal and my drawings.

Characteristic signs:

Great lover of drawing and, in particular, of comics. I have always spent my free time between pencils, inks and digital art. From my point of view, talent is not innate, but is the consequence of passion, dedication and perseverance.

I love nature, and it is not uncommon to see myself drawing by the sea, among the trees or sitting on a lawn. I try to draw characters by imagining their daily life and trying to represent their personality. For this reason it was natural for me to start documenting my life through comics.

Artistic traits:

My style is reminiscent of Japanese comics, and it is just like one of these characters that I represent myself in my Comic Journal. Day after day, in fact, I draw my daily life in the form of comics in a notebook. Through this ritual, I keep track not only of the facts that happen in my life, but above all of my emotions related to certain events, which I relive every time I leaf through the pages of the notebook.

ancora serena

@serenasarritzu X Mytodo Planner

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