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Rita Scarpinato


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Planner Lettering weekly


Rita Scarpinato, born in 1986, from Palermo.

I have a degree in Training Processes Expert and Professional Educator. Co-founder of Creative Box, a project that offers mentoring, design and communication services to artisans and small entrepreneurs. Founder of Write it on the wall, bullet journal web project, hand lettering and modern calligraphy. Currently freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

Characteristic signs:

I cannot imagine my life away from the sea. I'm a serial planner, give me a blank notebook and I'll build a personal/business planner with lots of doodles in 15 minutes. I believe that there are no dreams that are impossible to achieve: with deep motivation, good organization and a pinch of creativity, even the impossible can be built! 

Artistic traits:

I love to illustrate words that inspire, I am a “motivational quotes addicted”! I organize Hand Lettering and Brush Lettering workshops to help people dispel the myth that, in order to do lettering, it is necessary to have a beautiful handwriting or particular artistic skills. Nothing more wrong!


Be inspired by Rita's wonderful work on Mytodo planners, journals and notebooks. Find her on Instagram as @writeitonthewall.

ancora Rita

@writeitonthewall X Mytodo Planner

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