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Discover our selection of planners for you. Start better planning and creativity with Mytodo Planner.


The Weekly Planners will help you to better manage your daily tasks. The basic layout of these planners allows a clear structured view of the week’s events while the to-do lists help in updating your schedules while helping to eliminate scattered papers around the office. You will be able to clearly keep track of all your deadlines, appointments, meetings as well as keeping track your financial affairs.

At work


If you are a professional looking for the perfect planner, then Mytodo Planner is the answer for you. The Freedom Planner and Project Journal have been created to give you everything you need to monitor projects,

meetings, costs and deadlines. Only Mytodo Planner allows you to simply organize your life with method by choosing the planner that is best suited to you.

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Are you always on the move? do you like travelling? If it’s for work or pleasure, don’t miss the chance to plan your travels across countries, cities and the outdoors in a new and delightful way. 

The “Cities” and “Jungle” Decorate Weekly Planners have been specially decorated with their own respective images. Now is the time to plan and record all the emotions of your travels.



Mytodo Planner designed the perfect Decorated Weekly Planners to help you keep ahead of a hectic lifestyle and an ever demanding family while making appointments, making notes, keeping commitments, organizing trips, meeting deadlines, adapting to ever changing situations, meanwhile managing to organizing all of this in your own unique way. 

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Free time
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To allow you to freely express your ideas, your planning and your creativity, Mytodo Planner gives you the possibility to create your perfect planner. You can do this by starting the customization even from a completely empty Notebook. If, on the other hand, you prefer to decorate your journal with the Bullet method, you can find the diary made just for you in the Journals category.



For those who like pastries and cakes, Mytodo Planner has made special planners which will make all the day delicious. If you are looking for a well-organized recipe book, then we suggest to take a look at the Cooking Journal. Here you will be able to write down your recipes, your special events, your preferred stores for groceries, seasonal fruits and much more.

For those of you who are looking for a good Decorated Weekly Planners, we suggest the Patisserie Planner, a marriage between cakes and organization that will follow you through your work and spare time.

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Emphasize your Zen side, free your mind and strengthen your inner peace with the decorated weekly “Karma” Planner.

Delicately colored decorations will give you the daily input to better the style of your private and professional life. To be more productive, first of all concentrate on your health. If you are a minimalist person and prefer essential decorations then the weekly decorated  “Essential" Planner is what you are looking for. The decorations of nature, geometric patterns and essential graphic in black and white will allow you to calmly organize your day.


Personalizing a planner for someone else can be difficult, but with our Gift Card you can directly gift the experience of personalizing a unique planner to the person you love.

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If you prefer to surprise with a special planner instead, consult our Gift Ideas and choose the one that best suits your loved one's style. Improve the daily life and planning of the ones you care about with Mytodo Planner.

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